Paid Marketing (PPC)

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Paid marketing also known as digital advertising, is any marketing strategy in which a brand targets potential customers based on their intent, interests or previous interactions with your brand.

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Examples of paid advertising

  • PSearch Ads
  • PRemarketing
  • PRe-Marketing Ads
  • PShopping Ads
  • PPaid Social Ads
  • PGoogle Search
  • PGoogle Display
  • PBing Ads
  • PContent Creation
  • PFacebook Display
  • PInstragram Advertising
  • PPrice Comparison Ads
  • PAffiliate Marketing
  • PDisplay Advertising
  • PPaid Search Marketing
  • PGoogle Sponsored Ads

How We Help You

Highly Effective Paid Ads

We run highly effective paid ads on Facebook, Google, and Bing including the most advanced ad targeting available.

Create & Obtain Hot Leads

We take your interactions and funnel your data to connect to the right customers.  We connect you with the right audience at the right time.

You Have A Live Tracking Dashboard

You will have a tracking dashboard to monitor campaign spend and results, as well as a build-out for your campaigns. If you don’t want to monitor it no problem will offer that service as well.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Some of the questions we get the most are ” How much does it cost to advertise?” and “How much do you charge for PPC management?” There are numerous factors that determine that.

  • The amount you’re willing to spend per day on each of your ads.
  • Your bidding strategy and the goals it’s based on.
  • How much your competitors are willing to pay for the keywords you also want to target.
  • How relevant your ads are to your desired audience.

Once we answer the questions that determine our campaign stretch well will design your bidding strategy and goals based off your answers.  PPC is a never set and forget it process and neither is how we handle your campaigns.  We’ll be glad to tell you more about PPC costs and our fees for PPC management.

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