Our Services

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We offer a variety of scalable services that are customizable around your needs. Each of which can easily break down into understandable steps in each service offered.

Brand Design & Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out or are realigning your organization, strategically building your unique brand is a critical step to successfully presenting yourself to the world. A brand strategy design or re-design helps you develop an unique signature for your organization’s visual identity system. Branding for your organization helps you to create a strong framework for marketing and sales initiatives for your business and products, and stand out in the online marketplace along with your brick and mortar location.

We love custom design, branding, and telling a story.  With over 25 years of experience building and marketing brands from the ground up. Juice Box can handle all of your branding from your story, color palates, designing your logo to fit you and your businesses personality, sales materials design and how to use all of your collateral to bring customers to you.

  • PBrand Competitive Analysis
  • PBrand Discovery
  • PBrand Strategy
  • PBrand Voice & Narrative
  • PStyle Guides | Design Standards
  • PColor Psychology
  • PFont Styling
  • PTypography
  • PCreative Design
  • PArt Direction
  • PLogo Creation
  • PMarketing Collateral
  • PSocial Media Identity
  • PGoogle Identity
  • PBing Identity
  • PWeb Design

Creative | Graphic Design

Quality visuals are not simply an attention grabber, but they are also a means to instill the visual representation of your brand and products in ones memories.  Graphics specifically designed for your organization is a means of instilling those attention grabbing memories in customers and potential customers.

There is no limit to what we can design for you here at Juice Box. Whether you are looking for out-of-the-box illustration, sophisticated print design, or engaging digital marketing assets, our team of creatives can get it done. We work with our clients to give them the graphic design solution that makes them to stand out in the marketplace.

  • PArt Direction
  • PPhotography
  • PWeb Sites
  • PAdvertising Content
  • PBrochures
  • PFlyers
  • PPosters
  • PBusiness Cards
  • PAdvertising Content
  • PPublication Ads
  • PDirect Mail Content
  • PBillboards | Outdoor
  • PPackaging Design
  • PLarge Format Graphics
  • PTradeshow Graphics
  • PPackaging Design
Web Design and Development

Web Design Design & Development

Need a website? Great! Without a website and a digital presence it is extremely hard for people to know you exist. Have a website? That’s perfect, we offer optimization packages, website audits, we can redo your  existing website to ensure you are getting the attention your business deserves.

Juice Box will develop, design and create a custom website tailored around your business needs.  Your site will not only create a unitque online experience for your visitors but also strengthen your brands reputation.  Your website is the foundation of your businesses online presence and the initial touchpoint with your clients that introduces them to your organizations story.

  • P Custom Content Management Systems
  • PShopify Platform
  • PWooCommerce
  • PLanding Pages
  • PWordPress
  • PResponsive
  • PAuditing / Consulting
  • PAnalytics Integrations
  • PPersonal Website
  • PMembership Website
  • PNon Profit Website
  • PInformational Website
  • PE-Commerce Website
  • PBusiness Website
  • PPortfolio Website
  • PEvent Website

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Some of the questions we get the most are ” How much does it cost to advertise?” and “How much do you charge for PPC management?” There are numerous factors that determine that.

  • The amount you’re willing to spend per day on each of your ads.
  • Your bidding strategy and the goals it’s based on.
  • How much your competitors are willing to pay for the keywords you also want to target.
  • How relevant your ads are to your desired audience.

Once we answer the questions that determine our campaign stretch well will design your bidding strategy and goals based off your answers.  PPC is a never set and forget it process and neither is how we handle your campaigns.  We’ll be glad to tell you more about PPC costs and our fees for PPC management.

  • PSearch Ads
  • PRemarketing
  • PRe-Marketing Ads
  • PShopping Ads
  • PPaid Social Ads
  • PGoogle Search
  • PGoogle Display
  • PBing Ads
  • PContent Creation
  • PFacebook Display
  • PInstragram Advertising
  • PPrice Comparison Ads
  • PAffiliate Marketing
  • PDisplay Advertising
  • PPaid Search Marketing
  • PGoogle Sponsored Ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
& Reputation Management

By prioritising your intent, we can fill content gaps and opportunities faster, build your online authority, and connect more relevant users to the information through their search queries.  Which in turn leads to higher rankings and conversion rates for your website. Local SEO servcies and tactics can be a mystery, but we make sure you understand all aspects of SEO and the differenses in each of the outlets that we can use.

Take control of your online reputation by managing and driving review on sites that matter.  Control, Repair, Grow, and Sustain your Reputation.  Juice Box uses a combination of marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, social media and citations to control and maintain your reputation. 

  • POn-Page SEO
  • POff-Page SEO
  • PTechnical SEO
  • PLocal SEO
  • POrganic Rankings
  • PGoogle Search
  • PGoogle Maps
  • PSocial Media Local
  • PReview Monitoring
  • PClaim & Create Business Name
  • PListings Audits
  • PDirectory Listings
  • PBusiness Reviews
  • PProduct Reviews
  • PPhoto Reviews
  • PVideo Reviews

Social Media Marketing

If your not on social media, you don’t exsist!  The main form of communication between Generation Y and your brand is the digital world consisting of numerous social media platforms. 

Social media is also one of the leading ways your clients will review your brand.  Whether good or bad, this is where they’ll let you know. 

  • PSocial Strategy
  • PContent Creation
  • PContent Curation
  • PCustomer Engagement
  • PInterface Customization
  • PSocial Marketing
  • PAudience Building
  • PReporting
  • PAccount Setup
  • PAccount Maintenance
  • PAccount Management
  • PPosting Calendar
  • PReputation Management
  • PMedia Sharing
  • PMicroblogging
  • PCommunity Blogs

Inbound & Email Marketing

If your not on social media, you don’t exsist!  The main form of communication between Generation Y and your brand is the digital world consisting of numerous social media platforms. 

Social media is also one of the leading ways your clients will review your brand.  Whether good or bad, this is where they’ll let you know. 

  • PLead Generation
  • PSocial Media Campaigns
  • PEmail Marketing Campaigns
  • PEmail CRM
  • PChannel Creation
  • PPlatform Setup
  • PWelcome Emails
  • PNewsletters
  • PGuides or ebooks
  • PInfographics
  • PNewsletters
  • PDirect Mailers
  • PRe-Engagement Strategy
  • PBrand Story Campaign
  • PReview Request Emails
  • PCase Studies